How it works

Welcome to the future!

FullQuick is an APP aimed at the most diverse segments and public, designed to bring companies and users together simply and efficiently.

At FullQuick you have an innovative user experience to the entrepreneur, where the advertiser entrepreneur promotes your company and at the same time

it visualizes hundreds of other companies of the most diverse segments. By making FullQuick a great global filter by location,

the user is, the nearest places will always be directed to your smart phone.

With this incredible filter you can travel to any part of the world, take advantage to meet amazing places, enjoy a great meal, get around

reservations, requests, obtain promotions through augmented reality, check all information of establishments,

a lot more. All in a single app, designed to make your day-to-day life easier and to give greater equality to all businesses and segments.

It has never been so practical and quick to have your trade tied to the world’s largest growing market. The web segment (APP) has never been

so strong, every day more and more people are obliged to use mobile devices to be able to follow the development and pace of the market

world. But barriers such as time, lack of knowledge and cost, make this tool limited to large networks. Was thinking about a

solution for everyone who created FullQuick. Now your company, micro, small, medium and large or even you who have an ability to meet the

local needs with varied services has the opportunity to have a professional presentation, presented to more than 100 countries in 4 languages

(Portuguese, Japanese, English and Spanish), with all the tools and security your company needs. FullQuick makes available to companies all

tools available in Japan, USA and European countries, so that all companies have the highest and best possible visual content.

The coolest of all this is that you do not have to be any computer technician or even have the need to pay someone or company to feed

your page in the app. FullQuick is designed to give you more time to dedicate to your tasks and with simple tools and only a few

clicks you entrepreneur can feed your space in FullQuick whenever you wish so easily and fast. And even if such clients do

the advertising of your company! As?

FullQuick allows all users who allow login to evaluate, share and even feed affiliated sites

with photos sent by the user’s own smart phone. That’s right, at FullQuick, your customers are your biggest marketing tool. As a

Private social networking, FullQuick connects users to businesses allowing greater interaction between users and affiliated companies. So Your Business

presents all your information such as office hours, payment methods, accessibility, conditions, promotions, photo gallery, links,

contact, navigation to your establishment, sharing with all social networks in which the user obtains account and much more.

Another great difference of FullQuick compared to other systems is that everything that is marketed by the app is 100% responsibility and profit for the shopkeeper,

regardless of whether your sale has been of $ 1.00 or $ 1,000.00 your collection is of total merit of your product and campaign. Now we are sure that you

must be thinking But how much would it cost to have my affiliation with FullQuick and how long would that take to happen? To have your company finally affiliated

to the largest search and advertising system in more than 100 countries, with all the features and advantages, you start your annual affiliation of R $ 100.00 (Cem reias),

and a monthly fee of 49.00 (forty-nine reais), immediately upon confirmation of your payment (payment methods are described below), the

FullQuick empowers your business within 24 hours. That means in 24 hours you and all users already see your company in more than 100 countries.

That’s right, FullQuick came to Brazil to list Brazil from north to south and present their company to the world.


For insertion of your company in FullQuick the entrepreneur needs to follow certain requirements such as:

Have an address for insertion into the global map.

Always keep your address and contact details updated.

Be responsible for all your information and products presented.

Be responsible for your promotions and campaigns offered.


Browse and find everything around you or the world now with FullQuick, it’s totally free for users. Here you can search for

among the most diverse categories to find the establishment or location to visit your location wherever you are, and how to do it

your reservation at your favorite hotel, restaurant, place your order, buy your tickets for shows, parks, cinemas, consult or schedule your dentist,

veterinarian, public offices, among others, find the nearest gas station, visit one of the thousands of tourist attractions included in FullQuick,

take advantage of the promotions and campaigns of affiliated companies interacting with AR (augmented reality), and more. And your problem is the same as thousands of

people who are traveling in another state or country and are without fixed Internet, use the wi-fi and do your research normally and make the connection even without credits

by whatsapp mode already available in FullQuick. So you do not spend your credits and connect normally.

To get an ever-better experience at FullQuick, follow some instructions:
When downloading free, allow FullQuick to access your location. By allowing this function, you allow the system to always interact with your

with companies in order of approximation, presenting in their Smart phone the companies from the nearest to the most distant and creating the possibility

the user give their evaluation to the sites, share and post their photos leaving their mark on the sites visited.

Let FullQuick send you important promotions and information notifications so you can make the most of your APP’s offerings and news.

Login – To create your rating and share that photo of yourself in the points you need to login.

Language – FullQuick is available in 4 languages so far in Brazil (English, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese), when downloading FullQuick will always start according to the language of your Smartphone, example; your Smartphone is in Portuguese, you will see all companies referring to the Portuguese language, with all their descriptions in Portuguese.

If you want to change the language of FullQuick, simply adjust the settings of your Smartphone.

Settings → General → Languages and Region → Region → Desired Country


To further enhance your experience, learn all the features of FullQuick 2.0



New Features

  • New system to visualize locations around the globe.
  • Greater interaction with registered sites.
  • AR – Augmented Reality.
  • New search engine integrated categories.
  • New sharing system with social networks and emails.
  • Participatory photo gallery with FullQuick users.

New technologies

  • Firebase Realtime Database ⇒ Firebase Realtime Database is a database hosted in the cloud.
  • Data is stored as JSON and synchronized in real time with all connected clients.
    When you create cross-platform apps with our SDKs for iOS, Android, and JavaScript, all clients share an instance of Realtime Database and automatically receive updates with the latest data.
  • Big Data ⇒ Data flows at an unprecedented speed and should be handled in a timely manner. RFID tags, sensors, cell phones and smart counters are driven by the need to deal with immense amounts of data in real time, or almost real. Big Data is the term that describes the huge amount of data – structured and unstructured. Data is generated in all types of formats – from structured data, numerical data in traditional databases, to unstructured text documents, to e-mail, video, audio, stock quotes, and financial transactions.

This technology in FullQuick allows you to boost affiliated companies to users by their current location, making the APP always

different, depending on where it is accessed, always positioning the companies to the users form from the nearest to the farthest, regardless of the size

or name of the company, creating a greater equality between all affiliated companies and the possibility of new and small companies to have the same look and quality

to the users. Fleeing from the traditional way of searching for locations in other systems, where you need to know the name of the desired location,

in FullQuick you have the option to know several places thanks to this technology.

Do you know what AR – Augmented Reality is?

FullQuick presents in the new version 2.0 the function of Augmented Reality.

A revolutionary technology that interacts the human with the machines, presenting on the screen of your Smartphone the sites affiliated with your promotions in

format of balloons. To activate this device simply click on the AR icon, so that FullQuick has access to your camera so that it can

interaction with affiliated companies. In a simple way, Augmented Reality is a technology that allows

the virtual world to be mixed with the real, enabling greater interaction and opening up a new dimension in the way we visualize and

we take advantage of the promotions and campaigns of affiliated sites.

How about playing hunting discounts!

The application of this technology reinforces our proposal to present to the users of the APP the greater number of sites using now 2 incredible tools.

Geolocation + Augmented Reality

For your added security, FullQuick has your entire platform hosted and secure regardless of payment platforms to create greater protection

your information and information. We use the best and most secure payment platforms to guarantee you complete security in using the system.

To facilitate and ensure your security, FullQuick offers the PayPal platform. Create your account now and take part in the world’s largest search appliance.