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  • The campaign will be held from January 15 to April 19, 2019.
  • Participants should follow the procedure for competing for prizes.
  • Carry out the evaluation in one or several participating companies, brief comment and sharing in the social network of your choice. Campaign icons are represented in an illustrative way in the campaign name, identical to those used in the app.
  • The participant can evaluate, comment and enjoy more than one company. Each company offers a different prize, you can see the prize when you visit the page of companies listed in the special category of the campaign.
  • Only one evaluation per company is allowed.
  • The non-sharing of the evaluated company and if the drawn one is you, a new drawn will be contemplated.
  • The campaign is for all Japanese territory, users who are not in Japan and participate in the campaign on material prizes, will need to pay the shipping costs and local customs fees.
  • The exchange of the prize for monetary value will not be allowed.
  • All prizes are new and guaranteed.
  • The draw will be conducted with live streaming by FullQuick’s social networks and participating companies between April 21 ~ 23, 2019. Deadline for counting all evaluations made during the campaign period.
  • The drawees will be notified and will have 15 days to manifest.
  • In case of not manifested on the part of the randomly selected new raffle will be contemplated.
  • The prizes are offered by the participating companies and their total responsibility, so FullQuick has no responsibility for any product, maintenance and replacement of the prizes.
  • FullQuick is responsible for the smooth running of the campaign, filter, organization and draw.
  • During the campaign will be allowed new companies to participate after approval of the management.